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Sea-rail combined transport
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1. Shipping shifts: Tentatively scheduled to be shipped every Tuesday and Friday, and later encrypted shifts.


2. Our route advantage: The domestic trade route Huangdao Port will be transferred to Guangdong, Haikou and Guangxi ports.


3. Our class advantage:


(1) Time-saving, Huangdaogang-Wang Carpenter's domestic trade class is a whole list of port-opening transportation. Qingdao Port provides unified porting, and the whole column is issued, and the whole column arrives, reducing the time for customers to arrive in Hong Kong and solving the problem. Issue. 12 hours direct.


(2) Labor-saving, the company owns more than 20 sets of trucks and more than 50 sets of trucks, which can meet the needs of the surrounding 50 companies for the timely assembly; for the scattered goods, there is a professional transfer library, which can provide LCL and equipment. Box service.


(3) Peace of mind, full container transportation, cargo safety can be fully guaranteed. Qingdao Port has an inland station, COSCO and Zhonggu are also boxed, and the box is convenient and fast. Qingdao Port has an office to seamlessly connect with various shipping companies.


(4) To save money, the state should implement the “transfer of iron” and “distributed and reformed” decision-making, and implement the freight rate for container train transportation, which greatly saves logistics costs. Affordable, convenient to use, intensive ship schedule, Qingdao Port unified collection and port operations.


The goods we transport are: pulp, finished paper, starch, calcium carbonate, carbon black, plastic products and so on.