Banquet business

Central Asian class
time:2021/10/18 14:52:48 0

At present, Qilu No. Eurasia Bangui Weifang supply organization Hong Kong Tian Logistics Co., Ltd. mainly focuses on Qingzhou-Central Asia, including Tashkent to the class as the advantage line, the whole process of service, customs declaration, and ticketing. In addition, the overseas customs clearance business centered on Tashkent and the all-Uzbekistan card collection business have also been fully implemented. Relying on the logistics channel of Qingzhou-Tashkang point-to-point, building Tashkent Shandong Overseas Display Warehouse and setting up external offices: First, lead Shandong enterprises to develop Central Asian foreign trade business, provide free display services for enterprises, and second, assist export goods in Central Asia. To enhance the service brand, the third is to organize the return cargo, and the fourth is to do the after-sales maintenance and rental business for the Shandong construction machinery.