Business development - a new journey
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Based on the requirements of the times, Gangtian Logistics has gradually recognized the advantages of the container industry on the basis of its previous development since 2015. At the same time, it has proposed the concept of developing an international dry port. The company's leaders have visited Xinjiang for many times, hired experts to conduct demonstrations, and then invited relevant city leaders to go to Horgos, Weihai International Lugang, Zhengzhou International Land Port, Shenyang and other places to learn from advanced experience, and finally opened Lu Xinou · Qingzhou No. International Class, opened in 2016, Qingzhou - Huangdao's eastbound class.


 In response to the national “One Belt, One Road” development strategy, Qingzhou proposed the development goal of “one nuclear, two bridges, three belts, four lines and five bases” in the “Qingzhou China-Europe (Central Asia) International Train Development Plan”: one core It refers to the construction of the Qingzhou International Train Line as the core; the two bridges are supported by the two Eurasian Continental Bridges of the New Eurasian Continental Bridge (Alashankou) and the Siberian Continental Bridge (Manzhouli); The Economic Zone, the high-end industrial cluster of Jiaodong Peninsula, and the Yellow River Delta Ecological Development Zone are the three economic belts; the fourth line is the four main lines of Qingzhou-Central Asia, Qingzhou-West Asia, Qingzhou-Russia, Qingzhou-Europe. The five bases are based on Almaty, Moscow, Hamburg, Tehran and Istanbul.


 In the next step, Gangtian Logistics will rely on the existing development of the existing facilities, facilities and business of Gangtian Logistics Park to build an “international dry port” project as its development direction and focus. While developing the Belt and Road Initiative, Gangtian Logistics has begun to slowly shift its sights abroad. Construction of the customs declaration tax warehouse and trade logistics industrial base project of Karachi Port, Pakistan. After the completion of the project, it will become a bridgehead and an important channel for exporting China's overcapacity and the current demand for steel and aluminum alloys and civil goods in Pakistan and Iran. It is also possible to sell the special products of Pakistan, Iran and other Central Asian regions to China, to achieve a multi-directional logistics trade, and a good pattern of cooperation and win-win.


 With the in-depth development of electronic information technology and economic globalization, the status and important role of e-commerce in international trade has become increasingly prominent. China is one of the fastest growing markets for cross-border e-commerce. Gangtian Logistics intends to develop cross-border e-commerce by leveraging the opportunity to invest in the construction of overseas tax filing warehouses and trade logistics industrial base projects in cooperation with Karachi Port of Pakistan. Through cross-border e-commerce, the replacement and circulation of Chinese-style products and overseas specialty products will be realized. Through the international class, the foreign special products are introduced into the country; at the same time, the domestic special products are exported to foreign countries to promote the communication and exchange of culture and economy at home and abroad. At the same time, it plans to build a cross-border e-commerce overseas product trading, experience and distribution center with an area of 20,000 square meters.


Gangtian Logistics will also strive to build a logistics information interconnection system. The advanced information technology is widely used in the field of logistics, and efforts are made to improve the intelligence level of warehousing, transportation, distribution, etc., and the logistics organization mode is continuously optimized and innovated; based on the new technology, new model and new business form of Internet logistics, it has become a new impetus for the development of the industry. It is an industry management policy system that is compatible with the development of “Internet +” efficient logistics; it forms a smart logistics ecosystem based on the Internet, open sharing, cooperation and win-win, efficient and convenient, and green and safe.


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